We need you! The EMEYF podcast project

Dear Community,  the idea of an EMEYF podcast project came up during our last annual meeting and ithas been moving forward in CC and jitsi Tuesdays. Would you like to be part of this project? It is still in the beginnings and needsnourishment from enthusiastic Friends. What should we name this project? Pleasesubmit ideas!! Keep an eye out for the … More We need you! The EMEYF podcast project

Amsterdam – Climate March | Klimaatmars | Klimamarsch

On Sunday, March 10, a group of nine EMEYFers joined 40,000 others in Amsterdam for a climate march. This march was organised by a number of Dutch organisations which all want to divide the weight of climate measurements more equally. For some of us, Amsterdam is (close to) home. For others, it’s a distant city … More Amsterdam – Climate March | Klimaatmars | Klimamarsch

Liebesgedicht für EMEYF | Love Poem for EMEYF | LAP

Shared by George Thurley. The French and Dutch translations may contain some mistakes as he’s not a native speaker of either – comments are welcome! EN: I came across this love poem to EMEYF at Annual Meeting, during our first LAP workshop of the weekend, in the stories and histories stack of materials. I just … More Liebesgedicht für EMEYF | Love Poem for EMEYF | LAP