We need you! The EMEYF podcast project

Dear Community,  the idea of an EMEYF podcast project came up during our last annual meeting and ithas been moving forward in CC and jitsi Tuesdays. Would you like to be part of this project? It is still in the beginnings and needsnourishment from enthusiastic Friends. What should we name this project? Pleasesubmit ideas!! Keep an eye out for the … More We need you! The EMEYF podcast project

A Quaker playlist

I found myself reflecting on the way in which music acts as a restorative for me. I listened to the Brandenburg Concertos again and was aware of the stimulation to my own central nervous system. But then I noted that Frank Sinatra singing ‘New York, New York’, or Shirley Bassey singing ‘Don’t cry for me … More A Quaker playlist

Post-gathering gratitude | Dankbaarheid na het samenkomen

By/door George Thurley Spring naar de Nederlandse vertaling I wrote the below on the train speeding northwards out of Brussels on Sunday afternoon after our last Annual meeting in Quaker House (Nov 2019). Although I was tired from the intense weekend, and communal sleeping arrangements, I felt extremely upheld and wanted to write it down. … More Post-gathering gratitude | Dankbaarheid na het samenkomen

EMEYF SG 2020 Epistle | Zendbrief

Dear Friends everywhere…

… this year, we were not able to hold our Summer Gathering in Finland as we planned and looked forward to, due to the Covid19 outbreak. We still wanted to connect and meet and were therefore contemplating about what we need and how we can answer these needs in a new way this year. Pretty quickly we realized that an online gathering was the best and the safest choice for us this time. … More EMEYF SG 2020 Epistle | Zendbrief