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Welcome to this digital version of Willy & Penn, a newsletter of the Europe and Middle East Young Friends (EMEYF) that has existed in many forms since 1990. It was given its name in 1993, after a contest that promised chocolate to whoever would come up with the best title.

EMEYF has recently started a Living Archives Project, where we organize and discover our own archives (they were thought to be lost for quite a while). While looking through the archives at our Annual Meeting 2017 we were struck by the amount of social contact past EMEYFers had between meetings, despite their locations and their reluctance to join the internet. We were inspired by the ways they kept their community alive between meetings by writing to each other with not just practical announcements but also articles on the topics that interested them and giving written ministry.

Fortunately, nowadays we don’t have to cut and paste our newsletter by hand. This website allows you to browse our writings by topic or by language and if you sign up to the mailing list to the right of the screen you will receive each new article directly into your inbox. And please, leave comments on what you read! We would very much like to engage everyone in an exchange of thoughts.

Would you like to contribute?

Wonderful! Simply contact our editor via this contact form. You may send her a completed article or written ministry, but she’s also happy to help you finish your drafts. Contributions are welcome in any language and in any form (audio file, video, images, poetry, written text etc.).

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As Willy & Penn is powered by WordPress.com, we have to follow their data protection plan for website visitors. You can read their latest privacy notice here or learn more through the editorial I recently wrote about this.


The Zeugnis Zug/ Testimony Train images were designed by Freepik.