We need you! The EMEYF podcast project

Dear Community, 

the idea of an EMEYF podcast project came up during our last annual meeting and it
has been moving forward in CC and jitsi Tuesdays. 
Would you like to be part of this project? It is still in the beginnings and needs
nourishment from enthusiastic Friends. What should we name this project? Please
submit ideas!!

Keep an eye out for the next meeting in your inbox or the jitsi etherpad and then join the conversation in the EMEYF jitsi room.

On May 1st we had a meeting to think about where we are in the process and the
feasibility of such a project.
In early April, a jitsi Tuesday was used to start collecting ideas and using the jitsi
Tuesdays as an occasional forum for this will remain. 
Some of the ideas that came up in the first jitsi, were to maybe talk about

  • spring gathering experiences
  • LAP workshops we have had/ the project at large
  • connecting with Nature
  • biographical narrations 
  • contrasting views amongst young Friends
  • different Quaker traditions – how are we as Quakers different?
  • what do Young Adult Friends (YAFs) feel, think, engage with?
Photo by Tommy Lopez from Pexels

Leyna has expressed enthusiasm for the idea of collecting experiences of Spring
Gatherings and hopes to find Friends who would like to chat with her about some of
their cherished memories. When was your first Spring Gathering and how did you
find your way there? Do you remember what the theme was or any of the sessions?
Have you ever thought back to that Spring Gathering or did anything carry over into
your daily life?

If any of these questions resonate with you – consider reaching out to her! Maybe
you have a story to share, maybe you can imagine being a guest in this series or
contribute in other ways.
Is there any Quaker podcast you really like, that might be a good thing for other
friends to listen into as inspiration?
Do you have an idea that you are passionate about or think could be interesting?
You can also contribute in other ways, just let us know if this is at all interesting to
you and we’ll take it from there.

Love and Light, 

Leyna, Hugh, Marcie, Lena

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