Pictures of Easter

On the workfree Easter weekend the Willy&Penn team asked you to send us some pictures of how you are spending the time this year; maybe adding some sentences. Today we publish this impression, giving a glimpse into our lives.

A cup of tea in the garden

and long walks on the beach.

Celine, France

Some seasonal impressions 🙂 lots of love

Leyna, Germany

“Nearly every year we feel inspired to make these hot cross buns which are always very nice and have some Christian symbolism to them that I can not quite remember.”

“Every year at easter time we go out into the garden and cut a smallish branch from a tree or Bush that has flower or leaf buds on it and we bring it into the house, put it in a vase and decorate it with some little easter themed decorations and then we put the vase on the dining room table!”

Saskia, Norway

Attached is a photo from Emmie and I. We made (dairy free, spelt) hot cross buns – an apparently very British Easter tradition (it required a good deal of explaining to confused Dutch and Germans in any case..)

I got a recipe from my Mum, which required a lot of waiting for the dough to rise in between stages. But it didn’t rise… We waited several hours, left it in the sun, and still not much progress. Eventually we imbued it with some yeast-water-flour mix, which had the desired effect. After adding some more ingredients, waiting some more, dividing the dough up into buns… and waiting some more, we finally put them in the oven at about 9 in the evening (having started the process around 11 AM).

The photo shows the final result – though in reality they were less burnt then they appear here. Despite the fact that they took a while to make they were entirely gone within about 48 hours…

George, Neatherland

Writing postcards and letters to family and friends.

Baking two different cookies (one you can see on the picture), some mini-cakes and one bread.

Melanie, Germany

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