Poetry from a Friend

Via over contactadress we received two poems which today we are publishing for you. The pictures that come with it were selected by the author himself. There will be no translation this time, because translating poetry is almost impossible and would take too much away of its “content”.

Noah’s Road Song

Water’s knowledge is mischief’s root,
we are made as crafts, build a ship.
Hold back the pouring, good

still is out there. I won’t set sail,
endurance is the thing. This is

very good: whether cursed
from ground or not, to soil
we will roam; home is to be lost.

There’s something holier than rain
when I’m indoors, a window wide,

the sanctuary stretched to meet
me safely. It’s leaving without any
wish to return, exile

not odyssey.
The weakest cudgel, hymns
and wandering. Bright too.

I hear it when my voice
is yours. Praise, close my lips,
so my mouth declares God.

I want to chase your gold
and lose the romance in running.

I am going nowhere,
leaving in five.

Katabasis Tune

I am trying to see the width
of human life past where

it bends and turns
transforming I

want to see from above
the twists shaping

my telescope we are
all bound to die but first

to live
that is the mess
you and I will be forgotten

with us our moment
to remember we were
slaves in Egypt it is

so easy every day
to miss this day

there’s a flood scooped
by my cup praise all

that’s missing
rain the wondrous living

the mysteries in this place
think of the dead they

are singing in my cup
underwater can you hear

them it’s that gurgling
beyond the reticle


by Matt, Oxford Meeting

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