We need you! 50 ideas for submissions

Dear readers,

We need your help! Currently, we do not have any contributions in our queue which is why we cannot post anything this Sunday. Instead, we want to use this space to remind you that you are more than welcome to submit something yourself! We are pretty sure that every one of our readers has something in store to share and we would love to publish it! We love to elevate Young European Quaker voices through this online magazine.

You are willing to participate but you just don’t know what to do?

We got you! Here are 50 ideas for content you might draw from. The excuse “I would love to participate but I just do not know what to submit” doesn’t count anymore. 😉

50 ideas for W&P content

  1. What does Quakerism mean to you?
  2. Your experience as a Young Quaker in your local Quaker meeting
  3. Stories about your activism
  4. Theology – what does that mean to you?
  5. Stories about how you live out your Quaker values
  6. What do the testimonies mean to you?
  7. Art you created (be it a huge and detailed painting or some scribbles in your QF&P, we wanna see!)
  8. Poetry
  9. What is your vision for the community of young Friends?
  10. Share your most prized memories of EMEYF or your Quaker journey
  11. Book recommendations?
  12. Book review
  13. Account of a mystical experience
  14. Story about when you felt most/least connected to the Spirit/your inner Light/G-d
  15. Your experience of virtual Quaker meetings and gatherings
  16. Problems/conflict in our communities – and how we resolve them
  17. Growing up in a Quaker family – how is it different from discovering Quakers later in life?
  18. Stories about different experiences in different Quaker meetings – we share the same practices but do we all do them the same way?
  19. Being a young Quaker with few/no other young Quakers in the local meeting
  20. Talking about Theology with non-Quakers
  21. Being a Quaker in a non-Quaker family – do you share about your spiritual journey? If so, how?
  22. Revising QF&P – how did you experience this process?
  23. Review of Quaker lectures or conversations about it
  24. Quakers and how they are portrayed in culture
  25. Experience of being in two faith communities at the same time
  26. Transitioning from one faith tradition to Quakerism
  27. How did you discover Quakerism? What drew you in?
  28. Quaker mentorship – how other Quakers shaped your spiritual journey
  29. Quaker stereotypes
  30. “Growing out of” the the young Quaker community
  31. Art which inspires/has inspired your spiritual journey (be it poetry or paintings or music or…)
  32. Coping with being an isolated young Friend
  33. Membership – what does it mean to you? How did you experience the process of becoming a member? Tell us about your journey to deciding to become a member!
  34. Reacting to negative backlash from family/friends/another community about being a young Friend
  35. How could the Quaker membership model change to be more flexible and to fit with the often less geographically rooted lifestyle of young Friends? (i.e. Friends who move regularly for studies or often spend time abroad)
  36. Interfaith work and dialogue as a young Friend
  37. Visiting Friends in other countries
  38. Different branches of Quakerism – what are young Friends in other branches and traditions up to?
  39. Quaker memes and jokes
  40. Quaker missions and missionary work – what is your stance on this topic, which is handled so differently in different Quaker traditions?
  41. Aging Quaker communities – what can young Friends do?
  42. Being a pacifist at university, when your curriculum and/or your lecturers are not pacifist
  43. Quakerism and racism
  44. Being a POC/belonging to a minority and being in the Quaker community – how was your experience? What can meetings do to be more welcoming and inclusive?
  45. Being LGBTQ+ and a young Quaker – how was your experience? What can meetings do to be more welcoming and inclusive?
  46. Traditional Quaker lifestyles, occupations and crafts
  47. Reports about Quaker events
  48. Recommendations and/or reviews of other Quaker publications, blogs, podcasts…
  49. Experiences on very different political views within one Quaker meeting – how to deal with them in a Quaker way?
  50. Letter to your younger self who just discovered Quakerism

Happy writing and creating! Send us your submissions via this form: https://willyandpenn.com/contact/


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