Objects that meant something to us during lockdown │ Part II

Today we publish the second part of the pictures and texts you sent to us made during the Willy&Penn workshop at our Special gathering 2020. Back then we asked you to find and present one object that had some meaning or representation of your life during the covid-19 lockdown. We heard all kinds of interessting stories, some we could personally relate to, but all gave us insight into each others life during that time.

Please feel free to use the comment section, if you want to share something as well.

Here is an explanation of why I chose the ukulele and music on spotify in general and an extra thing which is my thankfulness book:

When i am not feeling very happy or I am a bit bored or I need a bit more energy I often listen to music because it often lightens the mood or helps me relax after a long day and has meant a lot for me as something to remember my mum by.

And the ukulele I picked because it is a great portable instrument and I have enjoyed learning toplay it in the extra ti me I have because of corona restrictions.


The thankfulness book I realised I could have picked because I got it for my birthday this year from three of my friends and its for writing down things I am thankful for like not just regular things like food and a bed but like: music, mountains, successful food making, family, community and so on. And I am still writing in it now and find it a great way to focus on the positives in life even if some of things I write down are maybe a bit random but I think it is important to consider and not take for granted especial in the current situation!


My picture shows a variety of seeds I planted on my balcony this year. Since it was clear that there would be no travel or meeting this year, I thought I could also spend the money and time on watering my plants. It also gave my days some structure, as it requires daily watering and care.

I have carrots, flowers, tomatoes, garden cress, different herbs, salad, sugar pies, ginger (not from a seed but anyway) and garden leek (that one died). It was nice seeing things grow and having the pleasant anticipation of harvesting later in the summer.


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