A Tube Map of Core Values | Grundwerte nach Fahrplan

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Today we’re sharing with you another piece of art that was made at EMEYF AM last autumn. Lisette from The Netherlands has made a tube map of her core values.

Lisette's Tube Map

Transcription: Integrity, Honesty, Sustainability, Fairness, Love, Kindness, Community, Respect, Diversity, Communication, Learning, Growth.

Heute teilen wir mit euch ein weiteres Kunstwerk, das im vergangenen Herbst bei EMEYF AM gemacht wurde. Lisette aus den Niederlanden hat eine U-Bahn-Karte mit ihren Grundwerten erstellt.

Übersetzung: Integrität, Ehrlichkeit, Nachhaltigkeit, Fairness, Liebe, Freundlichkeit, Gemeinschaft, Respekt, Diversität, Kommunikation, Lernen, Entwicklung/Wachstum.

2 thoughts on “A Tube Map of Core Values | Grundwerte nach Fahrplan

  1. I somehow missed this post and it’s really nice to see it now! Cute reminder of AM, but mainly because I all but forgot about this… artwork? Expression? Assignment? This piece.
    I stand by the content. Not too happy about the sloppy execution. Oh well, learning and growth are on there for a reason.


    1. I adore how the different values are linked! And would respectfully disagree on your judgement of the execution – to an outside view it looks very well thought through and executed ❤


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