Skjønnhet – et dikt

skjønnhet schoonheid Schönheit unendelige skog oneindig woud unëndlicher Wald høstens drakt herfst kostuum Herbst Kostüm havet zee Meer dønning duinen Schwellen og en und fjellet rots Felsen stille makt stille kacht stille Kraft From/ uit/ aus: Willy and Penn no. 2, 1992.

Travelling Slow | Langsam Reisen

I, and several others besides, travelled slow to our most recent Spring Gathering. By train, bus and boat (and eventually car) I travelled from Brussels to Moyallon, accumulating people along the way. My primary motivation for this was initially to travel more sustainably (i.e. to avoid flying). But I have increasingly come to see it as a spiritual practice, that we Quakers should encourage as much as we can. … More Travelling Slow | Langsam Reisen