Reading the British Quaker Faith & Practice in a Year

by Emmie Touwen

Dear all,

Since I mentioned on Facebook that I’m planning to read the British version of Quaker Faith & Practice in a year, several people have asked me for my schedule. I figured I’d use our handy new platform to share it in case anyone else is interested :).

A few notes

This schedule is based on BYM’s 4 month calendar. Reading a passage every week seemed a bit too ambitious to me, hence my monthly structure. If you’re planning to read a bit faster I very much recommend following BYM’s version, though. Especially since I just made this one up ;). Moreover, I’m reading BQF&P as a non-BYM Friend, so I’ve left out all chapters that discuss the structure of BYM, focusing instead on the more universal/spiritual contributions.

Don’t stress if you haven’t got your own copy, you can read everything online.

In case trying to read my writing makes your neck ache, please find the schedule written out below. I’ve left in the Dutch names of the months – read and learn!

Januari Sharing the Quaker experience: Chapter 28
Approaches to God: Chapter 2, 25
Februari Relationships: Chapter 16, 17, 12
Maart Relationships: Chapter  22
April Different Quakers do different things: Chapter 26, 13
Mei Living faithfully today: Chapter 20
Juni Our peace testimony: Chapter 24
Juli Social responsibility: Chapter 23
Augustus History: Chapter 18, 19
September More history: 27, 29
Oktober Advices and Queries: Chapter 1
November Personal journey/ membership: Chapter 21, 10, 11
December Read a lecture of your choice. I chose the Wurzeln und Flügel Carry Lecture, published by German Yearly Meeting.

Let me know how you find it!

3 thoughts on “Reading the British Quaker Faith & Practice in a Year

  1. What a great suggestion, Emmie! As I only just came across this, I have decided to adopt your schedule, but to read from March 2018 till next March, rather than to be tied to the calendar year. My copy may be a bit older than yours, since I received it as a gift when I participated in the last 1652 Country Pilgrimage of members of the German Yearly Meeting several years ago (there is another one planned this year). On the way back home at the end of the journey, Uta Kraus and I enjoyed the kind hospitality of a Quaker couple in London for one night, and our host was the fellow who had done all the typesetting for the latest edition, which was brand new at that time. When we left, he presented me with a copy and it is one of my most cherished possessions, though I haven’t yet engaged with it in a systematic way. Now you’ve given me the impetus – many thanks!


    1. Thanks for sharing! What a wonderful way to receive a copy of F&P! A book is always so much more special when it has a story behind it :). I based my schedule on the 5th edition, but I assume it doesn’t matter too much which one you use. Happy reading!


  2. Editor’s note: as we’re trying to gain momentum with our Willy and Penn contributions, and more importantly, as this is the time of year when we all make our ambitious new year’s resolutions, this post has been published a bit earlier than scheduled. We will go back to our biweekly uploading schedule soon.

    If your Willy and Penn contribution is time sensitive too, please let us know! 🙂

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